Asked Questions

An LMS, or Learning management system, is a software tool that allows you to create, deliver, and report on training courses and programs.

The BeED LMS system would allow your institution to keep track of the learning process, log the learner’s progress and keep track of feedback on the lessons they’ve completed.

An LMS would enrich the learning experience by having a media-filled lesson, connectivity to educators, and being on top of their learning progress.

LMS would eliminate the need to have multiple systems to manage academic content, lessons, and reporting. An LMS could provide all of these features and the simplicity to build a system that would suit your pedagogical needs.

An LMS can solve problems such as:

  • Managing multiple levels of learners
  • Learner progress monitoring
  • Lesson quality and feedback
  • Deadline and due date monitoring
  • Improve learners concentration

Teachers are able to create attentive content for their lessons. Taking advantage of the media-rich concept that would allow all types of input (audio, video, text, formulas) as answers from learners.

BeED’s LMS is built to be simple for creators and educators. Our simple tutorial and walkthrough will provide all the necessary material for you to start creating lessons.