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Publish the best of the best of your lessons onto the BeED Nexus, a global hub for classroom teaching resources. Get recognition for your work while co-learning best practices from other institutions.

At our one-stop content marketplace for educators, you can source for lesson plan templates, online tests and quizzes, rubric assessments, and more to ease your content creation workload.


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Publish your own educational content and reach out to more learners worldwide.

Embark on your very own journey of entrepreneurship and earn income creating engaging content.

Key Features of BeED Nexus

Quality Review Process

Learning content, curriculums, templates and more go through a quality review process before they are published onto the Nexus to ensure that your learners experience uncompromised pedagogical excellence. Receive support in creating bespoke, pedagogically sound learning content through the help of our support team.

Intellectual Property Safeguard

Maintain ownership of your intellectual property. Content created within the BeED Ecosystem is protected against plagiarism so you can have peace of mind that your work is safe and secure.

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