Beyond The Classical
Learning Management System

A single platform that supports multiple curricula for independent or network schools.

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Curriculum Builder

BeED’s unique Curriculum Builder enables organisations to develop and curate customisable programs tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Our platform features a variety of tools and benefits that augment the curriculum development process, including:

  • Flexible implementation of multiple curricula within an institution, providing versatility to meet the diverse needs of learners.
  • Collaborative system that empowers professionals from diverse institutions to contribute and participate in the creation of high-quality curriculum documents.
  • Centralized curriculum documents can be shared across multiple institutions to maintain quality and save time for educators.
  • A consolidated system that simplifies the curriculum development process.
  • Personalised Assessment Settings that cater to rubric- and percentile-based assessment, ensuring alignment with educator’s learning objectives and teaching requirements.
  • Skills and Traits Segments that encourage a comprehensive approach to learning, which promotes holistic development by fostering the acquisition of both cognitive and affective skills.

Lesson Builder

BeED’s Lesson Builder provides educators with the freedom to create, organize, and share personalised lessons across your institution. Our platform offers a variety of tools and features that transform teaching and learning experiences, including:

  • Customizable mapping that enables educators to design lessons based on preferred pedagogy.
  • Flexible Maplinks and Pointlinks that assist learners in facilitated and/or self-guided learning.
  • Interactive Stages and Blocks that scaffold learning with bitesize content.
  • Diverse media integration to support multiple teaching and learning styles.
  • Automated and timed point system to maximise efficiency.
  • Offline feature integrated into the App to ensure uninterrupted access to learning, even at times of zero connectivity.


BeED LMS integrates the entire learning process, from managing overall institutions to creating customizable curricula and engaging in interactive mobile lessons.

Rather than relying on multiple platforms, the BeED LMS allows Independent or network schools to support multiple institutions all in one page, whether it be to monitor the holistic progress of their learners or build a curriculum from scratch.

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