School Networks

Administer your entire network of schools down to the finest detail, whether it be monitoring daily classroom lessons or ad hoc projects. Let the BeED LMS be the digital collaborative tool that brings your schools together to uphold and enhance the academic excellence of your institutional network.

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Intuitive Network Data Management

BeED’s intuitive platform makes data recording and tracking for your entire institutional network smoother and easier than ever before. With its advanced content management settings, BeED helps users find what they need quickly and effortlessly in all the parts of our system.

Transparent Quality and Progress Tracking

With BeED LMS, keep track of all the educators in your network to ensure that they uphold quality standards. Progress becomes transparent down to the level of specific skill mastery, allowing your educators to collectively focus on individuals who might just need an extra helping hand to keep up.

Collaboration Across Institutions

With the BeED LMS, you’re not just confined to your own school you get the freedom to collaborate with other institutions under your organisation as well. Keep each other up to date about joint events, or share lessons, programmes, and more to provide the best for all your learners.

Worldwide Compilation of the Best Pedagogy

Gain global recognition for your institution and educators by exporting the best of your lessons onto the BeED Nexus to be shared worldwide. Through the BeED Nexus, be recognised for pedagogical excellence while co-learning best practices from other institutions.

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